Question and Answers

What exactly is Susybee Inc?

Susybee Inc. is a young brand that encompasses all my whimsical creations. It’s the business I’ve developed around my artwork from illustrations and murals and paintings to licensing out my art to a textile company and developing a line of fabrics for children. I’m in the process of growing my brand into other areas such as greeting cards and printed canvas wall art.

So what is The Wonderful World of Susybee?

The Wonderful World of Susybee is the world all my creations live in. It’s a light-hearted world filled with fun and colour, gentle humour and smiles. My characters are imperfect, a bit silly but happy and very much alive. I suppose it’s all my optimistic view of what “the real” world could be if we all walked in love and gratitude.

What do you do?

I paint, I draw, I write and dream up all kinds of ways to express myself through my work. My goal right now is to share my work with as many people in as many ways as possible, spreading smiles around the world. Mostly though, I paint, paint, paint.

Is there a Susybee picture book for kids?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! I consider myself a storyteller in many ways. Looking through my work you’ll see that many pieces have stories within them and all sorts of things going on. I write for children all the time and hope one day to be a published author/illustrator.

Are you available to paint a mural in my child’s bedroom?

Sorry, no. I don’t do residential murals anymore. But what I can suggest that is you think about commissioning an overscale canvas piece of your mural idea instead. It’s a cost-effective way of creating an impact, while still being versatile and easily moved. Plus, it could become a family heirloom, passed down and enjoyed by grandchildren one day too!

I really like a painting I saw on your site – is it for sale?

Possibly. Most work shown is either sold, or it’s rights are sold. Send me an email if there is something in particular you’d like to purchase as often I can recreate something specifically for a client. This is called ‘commissioning a painting’.

I’m hoping to announce soon that I have signed a deal with an art distribution company that will be getting my work into major retailers nationwide. Stay tuned!

I’d like an original. How do I commission a painting?

The most common question I get so happy to answer here.

Design: Then start dreaming up your own ideas of what images/theme/design you’d like.
I try to somehow make every tried-and-true theme (ie. a jungle) original and unique in
its own way, and not too juvenile so that the piece has longevity. I’ll help with tweaking
the design of course, and provide sketches before I paint, but I need a jumping off point.
Books, magazines, internet image searches are all fun places to look.

What space are you looking to fill and therefore what size of painting would you
like? Bigger usually looks better – it makes more of an impact in a room.

Price: I don’t have set prices as every piece is different and there are a number of
variables that go into the final cost (amount of research required, consultation time,
complexity of design, materials, shipping costs if applicable and taxes). Smaller pieces
are around $200 – $400, medium are about $400 – $700 and larger from $700 – 1500+.

Time: I’m pretty good at keeping on top of my workload and am usually able to paint
individual orders within a month or so of approval of the design. If you have a specific
deadline (ie. birthday or baby shower) please let me know and I’ll do my best to meet it.

Delivery: If delivery is within reasonable driving distance of the studio, I’d be happy to
arrange personal delivery of your piece. Alternatively, they’re packed well and shipped
however you’d like them to travel. For large pieces, I often disassemble them off the
wood stretcher frame and roll the art, for reassembly when it arrives at its new home